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Community Partnerships


We are particularly grateful to the Education Foundation of Niagara for supporting special events and programs at Valley Way Public School. Through EFN donations and grants, our grade three students have had the opportunity to participate in the Swim to Survive program at the YMCA. Students have also received glasses, support for field trips, and assistance in many other areas. Thank you, EFN, for your continued support! You are making a huge difference in the lives of Valley Way students and students across the DSBN. If you would like to donate to EFN, please visit efnniagara.dsbn.org.

Pastors Bruce and Terry and the congregation of Grace Gospel have been an ongoing support to our school community in both good and sad times. They have supported the school with generous donations of audio equipment, electric keyboard and offering the use of their air-conditioned gym for our Grade 8 Graduation ceremony the hot June weather. They have had such an impact on our school community, we look forward to awarding one of our Grade 8 graduates with the Bruce and Terry Miller Citizenship Award each June.