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Programs / Activities

Colour Houses

At Valley Way, we want every student to feel a part of our family. As part of our commitment to building relationships within the school, each student is part of a colour house. The colour houses have students of all grade level and the older students support the younger students in special days and events. This collaboration allows all students to feel a part of the school beyond their classroom and connected to students of various ages. Special events and spirit days are used to earn points for each colour house.


At Valley Way we believe that well rounded students are students who participate in all aspects of school life. These activities may include, but are not limited to:

Book Clubs Soccer Cross Country
Volleyball Basketball Badminton
Choir Chess Club Reading Buddies

Student Recognition - "I Matter"

Each month, Valley Way students are recognized in one of three categories at the recognition assembly. The "I Matter as a Learner" certificate is received by students the for their for their learning skills and/or academics. The "I Matter as an Individual" certificate is received by students for their character traits, and the "I Matter as a Community Member" recognizes students that contribute to the building a poisitive school and/or classroom culture.

Students may also received a “Shout Out”. These are annouced over the announcments for students that have deomonstrated how the little things we do can make a big difference for someone, and exemplify how important it is to "Be the Nice Kid".